Our Services

Eagle Rock Legal is a law firm that is specialized in providing full service legal, IP, regulatory and compliance advice to life sciences and materials sciences enterprises. It serves healthcare organizations, biotechnological, pharmaceutical, medical devices, nutritional and chemical companies, hospitals, universities, TTOs, science parks, investors, contract, service and industry organizations.

Eagle Rock Legal uses its corporate, contractual, regulatory and compliance expertise to support organizations to effectively run their business and achieve their targets, thus saving them time and money, and improving their relationship with important stakeholders. We have broad experience in the areas of research & development, regulatory, IP, contractual, marketing, sales, compliance, corporate, governance and insurance. The services of Eagle Rock Legal include case-related advice, project management and interim assignments.

Eagle Rock Legal

  • has extensive experience in management of legal, IP, regulatory and compliance issues
  • takes the client´s needs and interests as the focal point
  • provides a solid framework for your organization
  • is service-driven and dedicated to being a trusted partner and advisor


Legal obligations and requirements vary in different parts of the world. Regulations have grown in scope and sophistication.
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Compliance, in its essence, is the profession of enabling a company to operate within its regulatory environment in the most effective, efficient, ethical and profitable way.
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