Our Services – Compliance

Compliance, in its essence, is the profession of enabling an organization to operate within its regulatory environment in the most effective, efficient, ethical and profitable way.

There is increased attention for compliance and ethics, not only from politicians, law makers and governments, but also from the general public, media and shareholders. Contact with and management of these stakeholders will grow in importance. More and more, those parties expect organizations to use fair play when doing business. Companies are increasingly held accountable for their deeds. These developments force organizations into taking pro-active action: they are required to show where they stand, where they want to go to, and how they plan to realize this.

For life sciences enterprises, compliance is crucial to the success of the business. There are many examples of the huge financial and reputational consequences in case of non-compliance. Organizations simply cannot afford these risks anymore. Therefore, an effective compliance program is needed.

Compliance is equally important to small and medium-sized life sciences companies (SMEs) and  organizations. If SMEs want to capitalize on the future success of their current product pipeline and developments, it is essential to simultaneously create the best possible legal and compliance framework for that. An incorrectly drafted contract, or an inappropriate relationship with a healthcare professional, is prone to backfiring in the years to come, at a moment any such problem is least needed.



The services and expertise of Eagle Rock Legal include:

  • compliance program development & implementation
  • advice on marketing & business ethics and international trade compliance
  • drafting codes of conduct, policies and templates
  • training development and execution
  • identifying and dealing with risk areas and non-compliance situations
  • governmental affairs & public policy
  • lobbying lawmakers, politicians and regulatory authorities.